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A super funny, engaging magic show your guests will never forget!

Most people struggle finding the best entertainment for their kids or family event. Choo Choo's hilarious and engaging magic show makes it easy so you can spend more time relaxing and less time being stressed out.

Arlington Texas and throughout the DFW Metroplex

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Peace of Mind!
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Stop pulling out your hair!

Choo Choo knows it's hard to find a great family-friendly entertainer that kids actually want to sit and watch. Sometimes you even hire entertainment and regret it afterwards. You just want to know that everyone will be entertained and have a great time.

Choo Choo understands what you need!

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Choo Choo specializes in

kid friendly events.

Kids in Preschool


Most preschool directors are looking for the perfect in-house field trip that kids will rave about to their parents. Not only that, but wouldn't it be nice to give your teachers a little break in their day? They'll certainly appreciate you for that.  Choo Choo's train themed interactive magic show is exactly what you're looking for. The show is guaranteed to keep the kids attention for a full 45 minutes so you can relax for a minute too knowing the kids are taken care of and having an amazing time!



Organizers around the world have a hard time bringing in quality live entertainment that families talk about year after year. This is your chance to be the hero at your next event. Booking Magician Choo Choo will all but seal the deal. Choo Choo's train themed magic show is a great fit for any fair or festival. I mean really, who doesn't love trains! I guarantee everyone that sees the show will run home and tell all their friends and neighbors how much fun they had. Now, pass me a Super Dog!



Moms and Dads everywhere constantly  struggle trying to figure out how to throw their kids the best birthday party ever. Yes, I'm talking about you. Everyone with children deals with this problem each and every year. You might even be worried that your child is going to be disappointed with their party and that their friends aren't going to have fun. Magician Choo Choo solves this problem by providing an amazing, engaging show that makes your child the star! 


Who is Choo Choo?

A Journey I Can Relate To.

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Family Portrait 5
"Simply Incredible!"

"He is simply incredible at captivating children, no matter what their age."

Diane, Happy Mom

Portrait of a Boy with Glasses
"I Laughed So Hard!"

"The wands were my favorite part. They got bigger and bigger and bigger. It was very, very, very funny. I laughed so hard I could hardly talk."

Nathan, 8 Year Old

Woman Tutoring Child
"Audience Was Spellbound!"

"The audience was spell-bound! The kids held their breath to see what was going to happen next."

Anita, Teacher

What people like you are saying.

I've been there! You're looking for an entertainer that will engage kids and give them an experience they'll never forget.

But, there are so many entertainers to choose from and what if you pick the wrong one. I have children, too. And before I became a family entertainer I experienced the exact same problem. Sometimes, it even kept me up at night. I didn't want my kids to be disappointed.

That's why I'm so excited to be performing now at all sorts of family events. I'm here to solve your problem.

I've performed for kids and adults of all ages and everyone loves going on "A Magical Journey." Your kids will love the show and will even be inspired by the time it's over.

I have a lot of experience working with children and I've seen this over and over again. You see, I'm also a children's pastor at a local church here in Arlington. So, connecting with kids is my specialty.

Book Choo Choo's Magical Train Journey for your event and every kid and adult will thank you for it. It'll make your day!

Ready to turn your stress into long lasting memories?

It's simple. Really.

1. Check Availability

Tell us the date of you're event and we'll get back to you before you can say "All Aboard."

2. Confirm Details

Give Choo Choo a few more bits of information, and he'll send you a confirmation email.

3. Sit back and relax

Wait comfortably for your event knowing that everyone is going to have the best time ever.

Choo Choo loves engineering long lasting memories.


Choo Choo puts on a magic show that kids and adults absolutely love. He specializes in all kinds of family-friendly events. The show called "A Magical Journey" is jam packed with amazing, baffling magic that will fool everyone, even the grown ups. We guarantee it!

The show's train theme is a one of a kind experience that you won't see anywhere else. You'll see some well known train props doing things you never thought possible. There's white train cars that magically change to bright colored ones, a myriad of whistles that make everyone roar with laughter, a giant eight-foot magic wand, and even a train rat.

One of the highlights of the show is when Roosevelt, a rat puppet, comes out to help the kids make the magic happen. One thing's for sure: kids and adults love puppets. They always get excited when they see him!

"A Magical Journey" concludes with an amazing caboose that goes from empty to housing a REAL LIVE RABBIT! It's a spectacle to see the howl at this point in the show. No one will ever forget this moment in the show. Lifelong memories for sure!


Real Live Rabbit!

Train-Themed Show

Rat Puppet

Free Stickers!

100% Guaranteed

Uh oh! Did you hire the wrong entertainer?

  • The entertainer didn't even show up?

  • Everyone's running around crazy not watching the show?

  • Families all left the fair?

  • The entertainer didn't even know how to talk to kids?

  • Little Timmy ran to his room crying? 

Outdoor Birthday Table

You Can Have The Best Event Ever!

  • Your event will be on time, every time.

  • Your worries disappear like magic.

  • Everyone's attention will be kept throughout show.

  • Kids and adults will be laughing hysterically.

  • People will be raving about your event to everyone.

  • Guess what! You'll even get to relax and enjoy the show too!

Choo Choo Guarantees:


Your "Magical Journey" Package Includes:  

  1. A forty-five minute train themed magic show.

  2. Tons of belly laughs for the whole family.

  3. A rat puppet who talks to Choo Choo.

  4. A Hassle-free booking process.

  5. Stickers for all the kids.

  6. A real live bunny rabbit.

Funfair Family
Kids Running
Happy Family

Prices Start at $227

Check Availability & Get Quote
Choose a time

I look forward to our journey!

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